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K&D Vending is in business for the long haul. The message is clear. To have a future in metro vending, a company must have a clear understanding of the New York City food standards...and be committed to them. K&D is already there.

We fully understand the regulations established for schools, hospitals, government buildings and other public facilities. The goals are get people to make smarter day-to-day nutrition choices. That means understanding what vending machines can and can’t promote...where they can or can’t display certain products...and what they must or mustn’t offer. We know the rules, and we support them with our services.

That’s why we offer a wide variety of healthy options with our food vending machines...from fresh fruit and sandwiches, to healthier drinks and snacks. Though our vending options include some of the traditional vending wares, we are careful to ensure there is a careful balance of these mainstay products with healthier options to always stay compliant with New York City regulations.

And by having healthier options available, you’ll be encouraging employees to make better choices, which will lead to happier, healthier people. Also, by having real food options available at work, they will be encouraged to stay at the office over lunch or continue working into the evening since dinner options are available.

Let's discuss ordering your vending machines today! Please contact K&D Vending Inc. at (800) 310-8039 or for a FREE no-obligation discussion of your vending needs.

New York City Regulated School Products

New York City Regulated Beverages for City Buildings/Hospitals and Schools

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We understand the importance of service to the longevity of a business. That’s why we keep our machines clean, well stocked and in working order. And when there are problems, we’re always out there with our rapid response team to get things working again...24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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