New York City Vending Machines and Office Coffee Service

New York City Vending Machines Vending ServiceKeep your New York City business up to speed with the services offered by K & D Vending. K & D Vending has been servicing New York City and surrounding areas in vending machines and equipment, coffee services and water filtration and delivery for over twenty five years. We are professional, family owned and operated and are insured for your protection both PL and PD. We are available every day of the week and at every hour to take care of any emergencies that spring up or to just be available when your particular business operates as we are well aware that not everyone works nine to five.

New York City businesses have diverse needs, and vending machines can come with all kinds of different items to accommodate those needs. We will install your vending machines, stock them, keep them fully stocked and maintain them at no extra cost to your New York City business. Vending products include name brand foods and beverages such as Coca Cola products and Coca Cola products. Vending machines with hot, cold or frozen foods, candy vending machines, coffee vending machines, vending machines with healthy alternatives, sport and energy drinks in vending machines and on and on! Customize the products and choose the modern, energy efficient vending equipment that best meets your needs in your New York City business.  Other options include traditional vending (purchaser pays full value of vended product) subsidized vending (your business pays a portion to keep employee price low) or free vending (you pay for all vended items-a huge employee benefit!). 

Coffee is an important beverage in any business. Think of how many work hours are lost as employees leave your New York City office to go out and get better coffee than you are offering currently in the break room! End this practice with coffee service from K & D Vending in New York City! We have the brewing equipment, cups, filters, plates, utensils, coffees, teas, hot chocolate, stir sticks, creamers and sweeteners. Now more hassles for you, we will keep your break room well stocked and the great tasting coffee flowing and your employees going!

Everybody needs water, and K & D Vending supplies water to New York City businesses too! Whether you require 5 gallon water jugs for your coolers or would like to explore water filtration, we do both. Water filtration adds the convenience of an endless supply with no storage or lifting heavy bottles on the coolers when they run empty. Ask our representative about the savings this may provide your New York City business also.

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New York City Office Coffee Service