Snack Vending Machines New York City


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Snacks Vending Machines New York City

Fresh, name-brand snacks at your fingertips with K&D Vending. What makes a quality snack offering? Great products. Wide variety. All served by modern equipment. And K&D delivers all three. Our commitment is to stock products that your employees actually want. Of course, everyone’s tastes are different – that’s why we have to carry the widest variety of snacks. And we are committed to carrying brand-name snacks so customers know the quality they can expect with every item they purchase.

If you have people who are more health conscious, we offer a variety of healthy snack options. So how do you make sure to please everyone? Well, whether you want chips, cookies, candy bars, breakfast items, soups or healthier items, we allow you to completely customize your selection. That way you can avoid the items that no one wants, and maximize products that will actually get purchased. Furthermore, we will rotate products on a regular basis to keep items interesting and fresh.

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Brand Name Snacks

Variety of Chips

Assortment of Candy Bars

From chips, to cheese snacks, to pretzels -- your favorite brand name snacks are all here. Fresh and ready for your enjoyment! We offer an assorted variety of brand-name chips — America’s favorite savory snack. And whether you’re looking for baked, fried or any variety of flavors, we have it. We have candy bars of all varieties too. From popular favorites to more unique options, we’re sure to offer the sweet snacks your employees crave.